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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Battle Ridge Homeowner Association Community 


Battle Ridge HOA

Board of Directors  Members  / POSITION

President:  Brian Moye

Vice President: Trina Wright

Treasure: Sallie W Crump

Secretary: Lauren Latta 

Director: Elaine Jenkins Spivey

Director: Janie F Watkins

Welcome to the Battle Ridge Community Website.

Your board of directors would like to welcome any new homeowners to the community and invite you to come and participate in your community Home Owner Association. Your Home Owner Association board of directors are made up of community members who volunteer their time and efforts, to ensure the rules and regulation of the community are enforced and help to maintain the property value of our communities.

If you would like to serve on your community board of directors, please contact Akeen Jordan. We need members to serve on our Community Events Committee. Welcome to the community and if there is anything you need please contact our management company RealManage Community Management Associate.
Community Covenants:

Community covenants are documented that outline the rules and regulations that have been developed by the community developer and registered with the city of Raleigh. If you need a copy of the community convents, please download it from the realmanage resident services link below. 

Architectural Control Committee:
The Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions for the Battle Ridge Homeowners Association specifies that no improvement shall be commenced, erected, or maintained upon any lot, nor shall any landscaping or exterior addition to any such existing structure or change or alteration be made until approved by the Board of Directors or by an architectural committee.

RealManage Community Management Associate  

Akeem Jordan, CMCA

Director of Community Association Management 
Customer Service 866-473-2573
Fax: 866-919-5696

The Battle Ridge Homeowner Association would like to welcome Akeen Jordan, our new Director of  Battle Ridge Community. Akeem is an experienced Community Association Professional with over six years of experience optimizing productivity, efficiency, and service quality across various environments. Highly dependable, ethical, and reliable leader, who blends advanced organizational, technical, and business acumen. His scope of experience includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Additionally, four + years of Property Management/Community Association Management experience, and seven+ years of managerial experience overall.

 The RealManage Resident Services Center strives to quickly and efficiently answer your questions and service your needs regarding your home and HOA. You have several options to get in touch with us and/or access your account.

Copy and paste the link in your browser  to access the site and log into the resident portal 


Yearly Homeowner Meeting Dates 

Battle Ridge HOA

Battle Ridge Homeowner Association Meeting

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, August 13, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, November 12, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

Meeting Location

Barwell Road Community Center

5857 Barwell Park Dr, Raleigh, NC 27610


Community News: Winter Newsletter

Notice of violations 

Just a reminder, you will only receive ONE notice for all violations in Battle Ridge. If your property is not in compliance after that notice on the next inspection or you have not asked for an extension, then it will go to a hearing and is subject to additional fines and fees. If you already have work scheduled, please let us know of the date in writing so we can note your account. If you already have an extension, there is no need to submit it again. (Extensions are not usually granted for pressure washing and extension requests for more than 30 days are not normally accepted)

Please note that if you are changing the color scheme of your home, you will need to submit an application with samples of the colors for approval. Work cannot begin until it is approved. If colors are changed and there is no approved application for this, you will be in violation.

Resident Portal  

Also, if you have not registered your account and do not have access to your Resident Portal, please do so. Did you realize that on the resident portal you can:  

  • Make a one-time or recurring assessment payment(s)
  • Check the status of previous payments - including the date, amount, and type of payment
  • Change your mailing address, phone numbers, and other contact information
  • Communicate with us anytime using our convenient online contact email feature
  • View a history of relevant correspondence including various notices and documents
  • Review deed restriction violation (DRV) summaries through our easy-to-use DRV reference page
  • Report deed restriction violations directly into our system for review
  • View the names of your Board of Directors
  • Download the ARC application  

If you need the information to register, you can contact Customer Service at 866-473-2573.    

Dues Reminder:

Battle Ridge dues are due on the first day of the month of each quarter. They are considered late on the last day of the first month of each quarter. Late fees are assessed monthly at $20.00 per month if there is a balance due on your account. 


The Board would like to thank all the Residents for their continued patronage and look forward to working this year to make Battle Ridge all it can be and more!

Thank you to all!

Akeem Jordan,

Community Association Management

For the Board of Directors of Battle Ridge  

Battle Ridge HOA

Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council: Update 

Citizen Advisory Councils meet independently of the city. 

The Southeast Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council is one of the 18 CAC's in the City of Raleigh, NC. If you live in Raleigh, you automatically are a member of a CAC! We meet on the Second Thursday of each month at @7:00 pm. For more information on the meeting please visit the Southeast Raleigh Advisory Councils Facebook page.